5 Proven Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Fast by 11x

How to increase blog traffic fast blogger blog
Increase blog traffic fast with Blog traffic booster

Anyone can write a blog post, but only a few can make money on it! Do you know why everyone one unable to generate revenue from their website? Because they don't know how to drive organic traffic to website using the right techniques.

I don't want to write this blog, but I have read a lot of inquiries regarding how to increase blog traffic fast? How to grow my blog ? And so on. And I got shocked after reading a lot of articles.

I found lots of information, although they are not easy to apply. So I decided to help you, dear.

I hope if you implement the given blog traffic booster techniques, you can increase blog traffic fast by 11x.

In this guide, I only tell you that you can apply easily. So don't skip a single point if you want to get organic traffic on your blog and increase AdSense revenue organically.

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Know the secret of how to increase blog traffic fast...

Apply these, get daily 1000 traffic on a new blogger blog and generate more Adsense revenue.

Write Right to get organic traffic to website.

If you write right, readers will love your content, and eventually, they will share it. 

So our first priority should be to write right. Write right is a nice word to hear. But how can you write, right? Or what is the meaning of writing, right?

Ok.Ok. I mean, you should have a clear picture before writing. Without a clear visualization, you can't make a cake of piece content. You have to research your topic from various resources and draw a clear picture about it.

Now, start molding your words on the editor when you have all the information that is necessary for your desired piece of the article.

A few pro tips to write, right are...

  • Write in Plain English.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Make an appealing headline that hooks the reader's attention.
  • Take a break before editing the content.
  • Take water while you are writing.
  • Identify the problem, not the solution.

Identify the problem, not the solution.

You have to identify the problem of a reader and understand it first. Then you should give one powerful and easy-to-take action solution. 

Don't give a list of advice; it will distract the reader's attention. Try to solve one problem in different ways in one article. 

And if you don't know where to find the problem and its probable solution, don't worry. I will tell you here...

Write SEO-optimized content

Your content should be Google's girlfriend. Google should hug 🤗and kiss 😘 your blog post without any conditions.

Tools for SEO content writing 101 guide

SEO ( search engine optimization) is the only way to get more organic traffics to your blog. Here I have mentioned some basics of on-page SEO topics that you should have to learn. And I hope it will be helpful to you.

On-page SEO optimization: 

On page SEO optimization increase blog traffic
Important on page SEO optimization to rank a blog

It has more than 180 factors involved. As a beginner, you should learn some of these.

  • Internal linking: link one page with another on your website/blog.
  • Meta description: still it's working, although Google disclosed meta description isn't helpful for page ranking on SERPs.
  • Header tags: use appropriate tags on your headings. H1 for the title, H2 for the sub-heading, and H3 for minor subheadings.
  • Alt tags ( image alternate tags): don't forget to use alt tags when you use images on your blog.
  • Content optimization: nothing will work if you don't optimize the content because the content is king. Optimized content can drive organic traffic to website organically.
  • Keywords selection: do keyword research before writing a piece of content. You can use Ubersuggest for your research.
  • Outbound link: give a source link to your blog post. It increases the credibility of the website. Google sees outbound links as securities.

➡️📎Know how to get backlinks 

Use infographics properly to get more views on your website.

Pictures tell more that you can't express in written form. You can use stock images or Canva to beautify your blog. 

Make sure that picture matches the content that you have written. 

Don't use copyrighted images. Try to make your own. Canva is recommended*. It's the one-stop solution to creating visual graphics and is easy to use.

People like pictures and memes. So you can use memes as well as to get organic traffic on the blog.

The 5 best websites for royalty-free images are...

  1. Puxabay
  2. Freepik
  3. Unsplash
  4. Free vector

Use those sites to increase blog traffic fast.

Also learn how to increase your blog loading time as speed is a factor of SEO

Take social media advantages to increase blog traffic fast organically.

Social media is the best way to drive organic traffic to the website. Every successful blogger uses social media to generate leads. Here are 5 best social media to increase blog traffic fast...

1# Pinterest

In Pinterest, you can pin up your blog post with clickable links, create Ideas, and share them with others. Tagging similar pins and a lot more. 

If you already have a Pinterest account, I suggest you switch it to professional mode. The Professional Account gives many extra features to promote your business.

2# Quora 

Quora is the hub of content ideas. I like to use this for link buildings and drive organic traffic to website. 

But, do you know my secret...?How I drive maximum traffic from Quora? 

I go to Quora and search for the desired keyword. Its search engine shows me related questions. 

I read answers that already exist to the question. And finally, I give the best possible solution with my blog link. 

PS: don't try to over linking. Overlinking will count as spam. I don't attach links to every post.

3# Reddit 

Usually, people use it for marketing. And I have seen a lot of people promote affiliate products on it. So if you write affiliate product reviews, you shouldn't miss this. Besides this, I used it to promote my blog post. And it drives organic traffic to my site.

Use CDN ( Content Delivery Network)

Cloudflare is the best fre CDN service provider which you can use with your blogger website to make a super smooth blog. It increase loading speed with different server based on different locations.

An applealing headline can grow your blog traffic fastest way

Write a killer headline that hooks the reader's attention.

A headline will decide whether readers click on your link or not (if the content is king, then the headline should be queen). 

Think if someone won't click on the link. Then how will you get views? How will you make money? So it is the ultimate door to your business. Here are some important points to write a killer headline.

  • Be ultra-specific: make a unique headline that stands alone.

  • Use "how" (rationales) on the headline.

  • Create an urgency to click: create urgency so that users are bound to click on the result. You can add emotions in the headline to do that.

  • Use specific numbers (Instead of using numerals, use numbers). Research showed that odd numbers drive more traffic than even numbers.

  • Don't forget to use year. It shows that your content is updated.

  • Use keywords on the title/headline: it will increase the probability to appears on SERP.

If you want to know how to write a killer headline that hooks the reader's attention, read my Medium article here- 

5 Simple steps to writing a sexy headline that will drive 10X more traffic.

Remember what you have learned!

"How to increase blog traffic fast organically?" In this chapter, you have learned: how to drive traffic through social media? Basic on-page SEO optimization to grow your blog, how to write a killer headline in short, and why you should write right. 

I hope you have enjoyed "how to increase blog traffic fast organically." 

Do share this to help others and let me know your thoughts on the comment. 

I'm eagerly waiting to solve your problem, so ask your problem in the comment section as well.

Thank you so much again for sharing it my friend.🥰

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