7 Tips To Buy Best Cheap Domain Name For SEO In 2022

Best domain name provider

An eye-catching domain name makes a business trustworthy and represents a brand. It is the highway between customers and websites/blogs. And choosing a domain name for a personal website is crucial for success.

Blindly choosing a domain could be a treat to your business. You should know how to choose the right domain name before buying one.

Hi! I'm Dilwar. And in this guide, I'm going to guide you on how to choose the best domain name for SEO.

What is a Domain name?

A domain is nothing but an online contact number like your phone number. It connects a website to a reader. And domains registrar maintained by WHOIS and ICANN. (PS: Technically definition may be different or long. Here I tried to make it simple.)

How to choose the right domain name for my blog?

Here I will share 7 tips choose a domain name for your blog. And the best domain name provider in 2022 at affordable prices.

If you buy an itsy-bitsy domain name, it will be hard to change later. So you should make a wise decision before taking action. And choosing a domain name is crucial for your online success. But you don't need to worry about it. After reading this article, you can make an educated decision. So I request you to read the full article because I will share some deals with you.

Here 7 tips choose a affordable SEO friendly premium domain name for your blog

1# Choose a Dot Com extension 

Almost all nontechnical guys believe a website with a dot com domain is the original one. These days many extensions are available on the market for niche businesses. But you should stick with the dot com extension. It will help you to reach the nontechnical guys easily. 

Besides these factors, many smartphones have a default .com button, and people use it.

Another benefit of dot com is memorable because it has occupied a place in people's subconscious minds. Let me simplify it with an example. Assume you are running a photography company with a niche domain. And its extension is dot photography.

But do you know people usually search for anything with dot com? So here is a possibility they will search your company like xyzphtography.com. And ultimately, they either will get an error or reach the scammer or your competitor's site.

2# Keep it simple:

Don't use double letters and hyphens in your domain name. A hyphen indicates a scam. In the internet world, many scammers are trying to loot people. They use crystallized strategies to do it. To target a brand, usually, they add a hyphen in the domain.

So why not double letters? The double letter is hard to spell and it isn't look like primium. Also, scammers use an extra word to complete their mission. They are more clever than us. Ha ha!

Now you will know how to choose the best domain name for SEO.

3# Buy an SEO-friendly domain name: 

You can't grow online without search engine optimization. Which means you won't earn money. SEO is so significant to get success in the blogging field. So you should try to include desired keywords in the domain name. If your business is related to health, you can use xyzhealth.com. Keep in mind keyword stuffing is not good. Your domain represents the quality of your services.

4# Choose a unique and brandable Domain name: 

Uniqueness helps you to stand out from the crowd and also helps to appear on search results.

And brandable name will help you to represent your business. These two things can be done with the help of domain generator tools.

5# Leave room for expansion:

If your current business is story books selling and you want to buy a domain name. Instead of buying storybooks.com, you can choose yourbooks.com or bestbooks.com. In the future, if you try to expand the business, you can easily do it. But if you are sure you will sell storybooks only. Then I suggest you stick with storybooks.com. It makes you unique in the crowd.

6# Privacy:

Most important. Privacy should be your first priority. Always keep in mind WHOIS guard privacy when you go to buy a domain name. 

Without a WHOIS guard, your details will be visible on WHOIS public registrar. Anyone can see the personal information. It means scammers and spammers also can see. They will spam you for their benefit. 

So buy a domain from that registrar who provides WHOIS guard protection. Some registrars give it for free, and others charge 3 to 4 dollars per year.

7# Renewal cost: 

You can buy a cheap domain for the first year. But only God and the registrar know what will be their renewal cost. 

A few name providers charge a reasonable amount. And they have mentioned it on the website with full of transparency. 

On the other hand, some registrars don't show renewal costs. They charge an unrealistic amount at the time of renewal.

8# Easy to transfer: 

You have bought one, and now you have some alternate registrar to renew at a cheap. But what will happen if they don't let you transfer it? So read all the terms and conditions and choose the best domain name provider. Simple T&C is always best.

Maybe your next question is, what is the best place to buy a domain. Don't worry! I won't leave your weak hand until you make a wise decision. 

5 Best & affordable domain name registrar in 2022.

1# Namecheap

Namecheap is best for its affordable price and free WHOIS guard. You can buy a dot com domain at $5 to $6. 

Their renewal cost is very reasonable. Although it varies from TLD to TLD, the maximum price is $10 to $12.

They offer a smooth domain transfer service. You can transfer a domain name within 30 minutes without website downtime. 

Why do I like Namecheap.com? I like their coupon codes. They always provide coupons that save good money. At the time of renewal, they provide many special offers as well.

If you purchase through this link, you will get a 50% discount with the NEWCOM598 code.

2# Hostinger

Hostinger is known for its free domain name and very affordable and reliable hosting services. Their basic plan starts from $.99/month with free domain registration and WHOIS guard. That is a win-win game. 

So if you want to begin a blogging career with WordPress or you are finding cheap web hosting for small businesses. Hostinger could be best for you. (PS: hostinger isn't recommended for Blogspot bloggers.)

3# GoDaddy: 

Popular for domain names. Although you can buy a domain at only $7, their renewal price is too high. Renew cost only they and their God knows. Their closed price table feel me bad. So I don't recommend you GoDaddy.

Usually, they charge big at the time of renewal. But if you want to buy from a well-known registrar, you can go for it. ( No free WHOIS guard).

4# Dynadot: 

One of the most transparent registrars. They always mention the renewal price with the initial cost. Their Initial price starts at $10, and the renewal price is also $10. 

They provide free WHOIS guard protection with all the top-level extensions. 

The only drawback is they don't offer many special coupon codes. A coupon code could save some money.

5# Google Domain: 

Best for digital marketers. They provide extra services like Google workspace, Ad running facilities, and many more. Their prices are also reasonable. The initial price starts at $8 to $14, and the renewal price starts at $14.

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