5 Simple Steps To Learn Content Writing In 2022 [101]

How to learn content writing
Become an exceptional content writer

Do you want to become a professional content writer? It is the right time for you to be a content writer and earns big dollars.

Do you know? A passionate professional content writer can earn more than a doctor.

In this post, I will guide you, how to learn content writing. How can you become an exceptional online writer and work as a freelancer in USA, UK, and India?

How to learn content writing and become an exceptional writer? 

In the twenty-first century, you can learn everything for free. You don't have to pay a single dollar.

First, you should ask a few questions to yourself to become an exceptional content writer.

  • Are you passionate about writing?
  • Are you reading a lot? 
  • Or Will you be able to read at least one hour daily?
  • Will you be able to write for free of cost for the first 2 to 3 months?

Are you satisfied with these three questions? If Yes, without wasting a single minute, you should start your journey now!

"How to learn content writing?" I have divided this topic into five main parts. 

  1. Basic of online writing.
  2. Tools for online content writing.
  3. How to write an engaging headline.
  4. Basic SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).
  5. Where to publish your writing?

Basic of Online Writings.

You have written some essays at your school or college. And I assume you have enough knowledge about how to write well-structured sentences. So, here I will guide you on how to learn online content writing.

Online writing is much different than academic essay writing. So you have to learn the basics of online content creation.

Content Structure/Outline (Body).

The physical look of your content piece included:

Title and Subtitle; Picture, Introduction; Headlines and subheadlines; Main content; and conclusion. These are the basic things of online writing.

Learn content writing
Content outline

Title: it is the gateway to your blog post. 

At first, people will see the content title on the Google search page. So you have to make it clickable.

Subtitle: Spice of Title. 

It gives extra information about your content and creates an impact. According to experts, most readers read an article when satisfied with its subtitle.

Picture: a picture says thousands of words. 

You should use feature images on each of the posts. A feature image appears after the subtitle.

Introduction: grab the attention.

This is the second most readable part of every piece of the content. Without it, you can't go to the next step. In the introduction, you tell about the content your reader will read. So try to attract them here.

Headings: beautify your content.

A heading leads to a particular chapter of your article, whereas a title leads to the whole article.

So you have to use H1 as the title and H2, H3, and H4 as the headings of your articles. I will discuss this topic further in the SEO content writing guide.

Main content: it is king.

Here, you will write the A to Z information. So, your main content should start with a heading. 

In this section, you can use H2, H3, and H4 according to the importance of the chapter or topics. Keep in mind your whole article should solve one problem.

Conclusion: simplify the thoughts within a few words.

Another readable section. Usually, some writers miss this. But you have to include it in your article. 

In this part, you will have to summarize the whole story at a glimpse. Readers love it.

Soft skills in content writing.

To become an online content writer, you should have to learn these soft skills.

Write in Plain English: Digestable.

Write as simply as possible so that a six-grade student can understand what you have written. 

It's not hard to make easy-peasy content! You can do it! Use simple words and organize them neatly.

Simplicity: make writing punchy.

Use short words, phrases, and sentences. Each sentence shouldn't be beyond 20 words long. (Recommended highest 14 words long). Keep each paragraph within 3 to 4 sentences.

Create impact: hook the readers.

write informative, actionable, understandable, relevant, engaging, and write-right. You should add value to the content.

An example of impact full writing:

  • High-quality learning environments are necessary precautions for the facilitation and enhancement of the ongoing learning process.

Instead of writing to too long, you can make it more elegant like the second one.

  • Good schools are needed to support children's learning. 

( This one is more clear and easy to understand. So you should have to write simple ).

Remember what you have learned!

Write right, write digestible, and write in Plain English. Use short words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs should not be more than three sentences.

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The second step is tools for online content writing. I will discuss this in the upcoming guide.

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