Top 11 Free Content Writing Tools For SEO

Don't search again for content writing tools for SEO (search engine optimization. Use this free search engine optimization website to rank your blog.
Tools for SEO content writing
Tools for SEO content writing 101 guide

Best Content tools for SEO (Search engine optimization) is our second part of Learn Content Writing 101 Guide

In the previous article, you learned the basics of content writing. Now you are going to be familiar with the top 11 content writing tools for SEO purposes that will help in your journey as a mentor. If you have not read out the first guide, read now.

Without questioning yourself won't get the answer. The solution comes from problems. Making an article isn't as easy as we think. Behind the great piece of writing, lots of hard work and repeated research has involved.

Free content writing tools for SEO (Best keywords research website) in the USA 

To make your work automated, you can use one or two of them from our list.

1. Answer the public

Is one of the best website for blogger, freelance content for search engine optimization. 

Put your targeted keywords and, it will give you many ideas and questions that already people have asked on Google. You can search up to three times for free. But if you fill in basic business details, you can get 250 ideas. It comes with a premium subscription also that you can try.

2. Google trends.

Who doesn't like free products? I always welcome Google trends. It's Google's free tool for the latest trends analysis. With Google Trends, you can analyze trends based on specific geographic locations, time, and search volume. Use it and improve your writing.

3. Hubspot's blog topic generator.

It will generate many unique topics for you when you put 3 to 4 keywords. And this is very useful for daily writers and especially for newbies. It is a free content topic generator tool, although you can use it unlimited times but with limited topic ideas. Anytime you can take their premium subscription if you think needed.

4. Ubersuggest: SEO Tool

You won't rank a blog post with keyword research. This application provides features. You can do keyword research for free, up to five times a day. For more, you have to pay. It will give you keyword difficulty level, CPC (cost per click), and volumes according to location and language. It also has room for backlink checking and page speed find.

5. Quora.

Among the top 10 free content writing tools, Quora is my favorite application for content ideas. Quora is useful for finding out organic ideas. I always try to find out the most asked questions and solve their problems with my best. It helps you add value to your content because you are solving their real-life problems.

Learn content writing 101 guide part 1

Top 7 free content writing tools for seo, editing and proofreading for freelance writers

You should use these 7 free tools for SEO content writing to rank your blog post on Google search results.

1. Google Doc.

Google doc is the first tool for SEO content writing. It is a free tool and easy to use. Its simple interface makes it perfect for every content writer. Google docs let you share documents with other and work together. It has different templates that you can use according to your needs.

2. Canva: Feature image editing tool

Could you imagine a blog post without a featured image? No Nah! Canva is very useful for all. With their free version, you can do almost everything that you need. It lets you create visual graphics, image editing, story making to basic video editing. Why do I love this? The answer is you don't need a degree to use it. So use it and create a beautiful Blog.

3. Yoast SEO: Optimization tool

Our 3rd tools for SEO content writing is Yoast SEO. It is a useful free-to-use WordPress plugin. It helps you to optimize your content and make it SEO friendly. If you are a WordPress user, you should try it.

4. Hemingway app: best tool for SEO content writing.

I hope you read our first article and are familiar with Plain English. It helps you to optimize your writing for better readability. Their readability score is simple to understand how difficult to read and understand your writing. It highlights every point with different colors code where you have to improve.

5. Grammarly: for proofreading and grammar correction.

Grammarly is my favorite tool for proofreading and editing my articles. It helps me to edit my writing effortlessly. Grammarly suggests to me where I need to improve. I don't need to worry about grammatical errors while I write because I know Grammarly will help me to correct them. So you can use it in your writing. And I highly recommend you to use it. You don't need to buy a premium subscription. The free version is enough. But you can take premium when you think you should.


Google will penalize you if you do keyword stuffing. This application lets you check keyword density. It also tells which keyword volume needs to reduce to make it Google-friendly. It is free to use for all.


One of my favorite web applications to make my writing plagiarism free. Its AI automatically detects duplicate content and also gives the original URL reference. You won't get views if you write a plagiarism article. So use Duplichecker in your daily life copywriting and editing to make unique content.

Remember what you have learned!

In this blog post, you have learned the use cases of the top 10 free tools for SEO content writing. You can use these tools for copywriting also. Remember, you don't need to use it all. Choose one that you think is necessary for you. I hope this content writing course will be helpful to you.

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Let me know about any other proofreading and editing tools. I will be thankful to you. And do share this with your friends.

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