9 Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money In 2022

The best blogging platform to make money
Best blogging platform to make money 

Do you want to make money through blogging? Or are you finding the best blogging platform to make money as beginners?

If yes, you are in the right place. And even if you want to switch your blogging platform, this post is for you.

Making money with blogging is much easier than you think if you know where to start a blog.

Hey, my friend! Dilwar is here to help you to find the best blogging platform to make money( free and paid) in 2022. So, walk with me until the end of this blog. I will discuss 9 top blogging sites for beginners and experts as well.

The best blogging platforms to make money are as follows.

#1. WordPress : No. 1 best platform for blogging in 2022

WordPress is the first and the best blogging platform to make money on our list. It is an open-source, free-to-use content management system (CMS).

There are two different versions available on the market. One is WordPress.com, and another is WordPress.org. And both are free to use.

Wordpress.com is 100% free to use with limited features, but on the other hand, Wordpress.org is partially free to use. This version is not the best platform for blogging as you can't do more with it.

Dot org version is an open-source software where you can build self-hosted websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. Dot org version is the best blogging platform to make money.

This content management system (CMS) gives you 100% ownership of your content and blog.

Currently, more than 55% of self-hosted websites are running on WordPress.org because of its ease of use.

As it is open-source, anyone can develop plugins for it.

And with the help of plugins, nontech guys can easily customize their blog looks.

Using the Yoast SEO-like plugin, you can easily optimize your content for SERP ( search engine result page).

And many custom 3rd party WordPress themes are available in the market. By using one of them, you can make a profitable blog.

You should buy a hosting service and a domain name to publish your WordPress.org website. And the most crucial part is to choose the right services.

Unfortunately, if you choose unreliable Hosting, you will face website downtime and slow loading.

Hostinger is the most affordable and reliable hosting service in the market.

It offers a free dot com domain with its all plan.

So if you want to buy a hostinger plan, you can go through our link to get a 25% discount.

#2. Wix.com is the second top platform for blogging on our list.

Wix.com is a 100% no-code web-building tool. With the help of Wix.com, you can make a website/blog with zero coding knowledge. 

Its drag-and-drop builder has made it easier than other CMS. 

To create a blog on Wix, you should buy a basic plan and a domain name. After that, you can create a new blog with its drag-and-drop feature. 

Although it is simple to make a blog, it has limited plugins.

#3. Ghost 3rd best platform for blogging.

If you have some coding knowledge, then Ghost is the 3rd best blogging platform to make money on our list. 

It is a self-hosted open-source CMS with limited inbuilt plugins for content (SEO) optimization. It provides complete ownership to its creators.

To build a money-making blog on the Ghost, you should buy its basic plan. 

Or you can host your Ghost site on the other 3rd party. But it is hard to find Ghost hosting services. So it is best to go with WordPress.

#4. Blogger.com is the best blogging platform for beginners to make money.

Almost 40% of all websites are running on blogger.com. It's a Google-owned content management system. It provides complete ownership to its creators.

Unlike other CMS, it's free to use. On Blogger.com, you can develop a website from scratch. Or you can use its free theme, but these are not suitable. 

Rather than using these themes, I suggest you buy or download one from a 3rd party. If you want to earn more money, your theme should be SEO-friendly. Only the best blogging tools don't matter. An SEO-friendly lightweight theme is also important to make money. 

You can monetize a blogger blog with Google Adsense even with its free blogspot.com subdomain.

But if you want to earn money and make a professional blog. Then it's recommended to buy a custom dot com domain name. 

You can buy a dot com domain at $8 only from Namecheap. But you will get an extra 50% off if you purchase through this link. Discount code is NEWCOM598

Why should you buy a custom domain name? Yaa! You can go for free, but people don't trust a blog with a blogpost.com subdomain. 

If readers don't trust you won't get fruitful traffic to the blog. And if you get low traffic, you will not earn more.

#5. Medium.com is the best blogging sites for writers.

Medium.com is the best blogging platform for beginners to make money. It is a social blogging site where you can build an audience and earn money through its partnership program. 

To start a personal blog on Medium, you don't have to spend a single dollar. Only you have to write and publish. 

It has a mobile application as well. So you can write and publish articles directly from your smartphone.

Medium.com doesn't allow ad serving, but you can promote affiliate links with proper disclosure. 

Now your question is, can I add the custom domain name to the Medium blog?

Yes! You can add a custom domain name as well. But it's not recommended. 

But if you want to add a custom dot com domain, go through this link; you will get a 50% discount.

Is the Medium Partner program available in India?

No, currently partner program isn't available for India. But you can monetize through Tips and Affiliate programs.

How much does Medium pay per 1000 views?

It pays based on reading time, it doesn't matter how many views you get.

#6. Substack best platform for newsletter writing and micro blogging.

Have you an existing blog and want to start a newsletter or podcast? Then it is the right platform for you. 

It is a free-to-use newsletter writing platform, although creators can earn through subscriptions. Here you can write newsletters and get paid.

People love to read fresh content, so if you have talent, start a newsletter on it. You can also give free access to your readers. It will help you to build an email list rapidly.

Why do people like it? It provides all the necessary things to deliver a newsletter that generates revenue. 

#7. Quora.com: widely used as a social blogging sites.

Quora is another best blogging platform to make money with less effort. 

It is mainly a Q&A platform. Here people ask their questions and others give answers. 

You can use this social app to grow your audience and earn money through the Quora partner program. 

You can also create a Quora Space and start a subscription-based business. 

What are the minimum requirements for monetizing a Quora Space? There are no minimum requirements.

Many people use Quora as their top and the best blogging platform to make money with affiliate marketing.

I love this one for finding content ideas, frequently asked questions, and writing unique answers.

#8. Tumbler

Although Tumblr is one of the oldest and most trusted social blogging platforms, it has no clear path to monetizing content.

Recently Tumblr started Tumbler+ posts. Now creators can set a paywall on their written posts. It increases the opportunity to get paid.

Tumblr allows its creators to publish blog posts, photos, and podcasts.

#9. Steemit.com is the first successful blockchain based decentralized blogging platform.

Steemit.com is a blockchain-based web3 (decentralized) blogging platform. It is the best blogging platform to make (Crypto currency) money for both creators and readers.

Steemit allows its creators to write content and publish it for free.

How much steemit dollar (Crypto currency) a creator will earn depends on the views, shares, and upvotes. 

Readers also can make dollars by commenting and upvoting others' content.

The summary of the best blogging platforms to make money in 2022.

  • WordPress.org is the best platform if you want to become a professional blogger.
  • Wix.com is best for content writers and nontech guys.
  • But if your query is about how to create a blog for free on google and earn money? 
  • Blogger.com and Medium.com are the best blogging sites for you.
  • Steemit is the best blogging platform to earn crypto currency.
  • You can use Substack and Quora as your secondary blogging sites to grow the main website. Or you can use both as primary blogs if you want.

If you like this post, please do share. And ask your question in the comment section. I'm waiting to respond to you.

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