4 Best Blogger Template For Adsense Approval Fast in 2023

Are you a new blogger and want to apply for the AdSense partner program?

Do you want to increase your blog earnings?

Or Are you experiencing a high bounce rate and want to cut it?

You can use these best blogger templates for AdSense approval. These are very responsive, mobile friendly, SEO optimized, and fast loading.

The best Blogger template for AdSense approval in 2023.

Adsense-ready Responsive Blogger templates

Hi! Once again, I'm Dilwar here. And I'm very excited to give you the 4 best free AdSense-ready blogger templates through this article.

No.1# Jettheme- Best & Responsive Blogger Template For Adsense Approval in 2023.

JetTheme - responsive blogger template

An easy-to-install and responsive theme is necessary to generate more money from a website.

And finding a smooth template is not so easy. So let's know how Jettheme can solve all the above problems.

This one is my first preference in the list of best blogger theme for adsense approval.

It is SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive. And this is the best blogger tehe for adsense approval premium AdSense-ready blogger template with fast loading time.

Jet Theme has many ad slot options that will boost your revenue.

The free and premium versions of Jettheme haven't had many differences.

It allows you to remove the footer credit, full customization. And also give you lifetime updates with no hidden encrypted codes.

Features and Benefits of JetTheme

  • 98% mobile responsive with 100% best SEO practice and accessibility.
  • User-friendly unique sitemap and Horizontal navigation menu give it the smoothest navigation experience.
  • An inbuilt Follow-it newsletter helps to get returning visitors.
  • A specific code snippet allows you to experience the G4 Google analytics tag ( New Global Analytics tag).
  • SVG lightweight social sharing icons make it super smooth.
  • Dark mode for eye protection.
  • News article schema.
  • Automatic related in post section in the article.
  • Custom home page cover image for social sharing.
  • The Awesome footer gives a premium WordPress theme look.

P.S: You will give hand-on-support for both the free and premium versions of Jettheme.

Almost all the features and benefits you can experience with theme free version.

But if you can pay, go with the paid version. You will get more unique features and benefits.

No.2# Freebify - Responsive Blogger Theme For Adsense Approval.

Best blogger templates for AdSense approval

Freebify is an AdSense-ready theme that has some unique features and benefits.

It increases the readability rate with its complete home page posts system. And it is fully designed for normal people. So you can use it without having any coding knowledge. 

Features and benefits of Freebify.

  • Quick shortcodes make it super easy to use. You don't need to do any coding to customize it. You can do full customization by using the Shortcodes feature.
  • Mega Menu gives a stylish look.
  • Table of contents, social sharing buttons, and download icons are all these things you can install with quick shortcodes.
  • Different ad slots for the premium version. But you can get limited with the free version.
  • New generation dark mode for paid users.
  • Load more buttons and stylish author-card make it a perfect user-friendly blogger theme.

P.S: Paid version is best for complete customization, AdSense, and a stylish look.

No.3# Newspot - Magazine Blogger Template.

NewsSpot premium blogger templates download free

If you are looking for a Magazine website theme, then this one is best for you.

It is Adsense friendly, lightweight, and SEO-friendly. And very comfortable for all types of blogging sites.

And you can download its premium version for free.

It has some different features and benefits from other blogger themes.

Features and benefits of Newspot.

  • It comes with 3+ featured posts and 6+ content block styles.
  • Table of contents and the inbuilt inner article-related post section.
  • 3+ sidebar posts with social sharing buttons.
  • MailChimp email subscription form helps to build an email list.
  • 3 Stylish and advanced footer options.
  • Native and User-friendly dark mode toggle switch.
  • Stylish YouTube video embedding feature.
  • No coding knowledge is required. A shortcodes system is available for full customization.

P.S: Best theme for Megazine Blogger website. The paid version is recommended to access all the exclusive features.

No.4# Lite Spot- Fast loading Magazine Blogger Template.

LiteSpot premium lightweight blogger template

Lite Spot is one of the best blogger template for adsense approval in 2023. It is fast-loading, AdSense-ready, SEO-friendly, and mobile-responsive as well. 

It is a zero-code blogger template for 100% customization and SEO optimization.

You can use this for all types of websites and blogs, although it is made for Magazine websites.

LiteSpot comes with a free and premium version. And you can download its paid version  from the internet, but it's not recommended.

Because anytime you can get banned from the Adsense partner program for copyright issues.

And maybe you won't get approval for Google Adsense with the pirated theme. So the best option is to download the free version rather than the cracked one.

Features and Benefits of LiteSpot

  • No coding knowledge is required to install and customization.
  • It has a shortcode system like the Freebify premium blogger template.
  • 100% mobile responsive and SEO friendly.
  • Auto Translation makes it comfortable for any specific regional language.
  • 4 Awesome content blocks give a unique look.
  • The table of content plug-in and post shortcodes make it perfect.
  • Lifetime template update.

P.S: A paid version of Lite Spot is recommended to access all the Awesome features.

Summary of the 4 best blogspot blogger templates for adsense approval 

All four themes are AdSense-ready. So you can choose according to your needs.

Jettheme is free to use and very lightweight. Especially this one is best for smoother user experience and SEO purposes.

Freebify is ideal for self-customization and a premium look.

Newspot is suitable for Magazine websites. It is also an AdSense-ready blogger theme that you customize through shortcodes.

The LiteSpot Megazine template is best for fast loading and full customization. It comes with a shortcodes feature.

These are the best Blogger templates for AdSense approval. And I hope you liked this article.

If you have any questions plz let me know in the comment. 

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