How to setup Cloudflare CDN with blogger for free

Do you want to improve your page loading speed and overall performance? Follow this guide, and here I'm gonna help you set up a free Cloudflare CDN with blogger site to make a fast-loaded blog.

Before deep diving into the topic, let's know— what is it? And how it works —?

What is Cloudflare CDN?

Cloudflare CDN setup with blogger

Cloudflare — is a CDN (content delivery network) service, provider. It helps improve page loading time, security, and overall user experience of a website or blog.

It has 152 servers globally. With the help of these servers, it optimize websites and provide a smooth user experience based on location.

As a vast networking system in its control, you can take advantage of it, even your blog hosted in India.

The main job of Cloudflare is to provide data smoothly according to user requests. And this activity is possible with its global data center. It serves the user from the user's nearest server.

Suppose a website is hosted in India, and User A requests to access this site from Singapore, so in this case, Cloudflare will provide data from a Singapore-based server instead of India. 

And, similarly if User B request from America, it will serve B from an America-based server. And this phenomenon reduces the gap between the website and the end user.

*Maybe a question is coming into your mind— how does Cloudflare do this so smoothly?

Simple, it stores a simplified catch version of your website in its storage. And use this catch version as per needs. This process helps it to give a better performance.

Should you use Cloudflare CDN?

Yes! If you want to improve blog performance and smooth user experience, you should use a CDN.

There is no restriction; you can use any content delivery network. But it has many exclusive benefits that no other can provide those services for free.

*Cloudflare comes with three plans — Pro ($20/month), Business ($200/month), Enterprise (custom), and Free ($0/month).

You can use its free plan for any website or CMS (Content Management System). Such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Ghost, etc.

Furthermore, Cloudflare is available in the cPanel of most hosting service providers, from where you can easily activate it. Also, you can install it from its official site for your blogger website.

How do you set up Cloudflare CDN with the Blogger site?

You only have to follow this simple step-by-step guide to activate it on your blogger website.

Regardless of this guide, you will get hands-on support from our telegram support team to make it happen.
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#1. Create a Cloudflare account

Create an account on cloudflare

Search Cloudflare on your Google/browser, and do signup with your blogger email, along with a strong password. (Blogger-associated email is recommended for the easy process).

#2. Connect your custom Domain name

Add a domain name

Now you need to enter your domain without www/HTTPS, such as, and hit the Add site button.

#3. Choose your desired plan

Subscription plans

This is the time to choose a plan. Cloudflare will show you three different subscription plans, so you can choose according to your needs.

Here I will use the free plan. And a free is enough for a blogger site. But if you want to upgrade for more benefits and features, you can do at any time.

Choose free and click on continue for the next step.

#4. Setup DNS records

DNS records

Cloudflare will automatically add required DNS settings from your domain name registrar, like NameCheap. So you only have to hit the continue button.

Ps: Make sure all settings have been added correctly, although it is an automated process.

#5. Change default nameservers with Cloudflare nameservers

Name server change

Now it will ask you to change default nameservers.
Namecheap DNS settings

To complete this process, log in to your domain registrar, and look after the DNS settings. Change default address with Cloudflare-provided nameservers.

Namecheap dashboard settings

Copy these two addresses and paste them into your domain registrar's DNS settings, as shown in the screenshot.

*Domain service providers may take some time to complete the whole process. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to 24 hours, and this time varies depending on each case.

After doing all settings, Cloudflare will send you a confirmation email. So without worrying, click on the Done check nameservers button on Cloudflare ( as shown in the screenshot).

#6. Basic Cloudflare settings for better performance

After completing the above five steps, Cloudflare will ask you to complete some basic settings.
Basic settings

By configuring domain settings, you can improve security and overall user experience. So why not take these free benefits?

  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.
  • Always use HTTPS.
  • Auto minify (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).
  • Brotli (same as Gzip compression).

Turn all the options and take free advantage of them.

PS: sometimes Cloudflare may create an SSL handshake failure error while doing this process. If this happens, you can turn off HTTPS redirect in Blogger settings.

Advance Speed optimization settings —Rocket loader

Cloudflare Rocket Loader improves paint time for pages that include JavaScript.

You won't believe it, but after enabling Rocket Loader on my blog, the loading speed increased by almost 40%, but it has some twists.

Rocket Loader disabled the image showing on the home page. Although it has disabled image showing, it starts showing images immediately when a reader clicks on a post or link.

It also disabled the functions of some redundancy JavaScript like visual HTML sitemap and comment avatar.
Rocket loader

You could try it; if everything is going well on your site, you can use it. Or else turn it off. It will make a super smooth blog.

Click on Domain > Dashboard settings> Speeds > Optimization > Turn it on

And you can get relief from all the issues by adding asynchronous attribute in your source code. Still, I'm working with this code for blogger websites, and you will get an update when it starts working perfectly on blogger sites. *So stay tuned with us


Use Cloudflare CDN to optimize your blogger blog and make a super smooth blog.

Fast-opening sites always serve the best user experience, and Google loves it.

Thank you so much for reading and learning together. Sharing is caring and spreading 💕
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