Unleash the P8 Best Affordable Link Building Services in 2023

Are you a new blogger, having trouble getting visitors, thus not generating revenue from AdSense, and looking for affordable link building services that use white-hat SEO techniques?

If yes, stay tuned for 5 minutes. And I will tell you the top 8 backlink experts who can help to boost your website's visibility and rankings!

Affordable link building services
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What is exactly a link building service?

An individual or a company creates links for your website in exchange for money or value. Most of them are paid, but a few good providers also exist.

Why are backlinks crucial to rank a website in Google?

A search engine decides page authority by analyzing how much traffic it is getting, what its average bounce rate is, and how many other quality sites have linked it as a quality resource.

Not only these but more than 200 other factors are involved. But these are the primary factors among them.

Are backlinks help to rank a site?

Yes, No!

It's not a state-forward question. Before reach to the final judgment, you should understand the pros and cons of it.

And you need to be aware of fake link building companies that don't work in reality.

Of course, quality backlinks yet work but not quantity.

Poor links can down your ranking on SERPs instead of increasing it. So you have to identify bad and good actors.

Many agencies are involved in this job, and most are just scamming people. On the other side a few reputable companies there who can help you to get quality links.

So let's know first about the bad actors in this field—

You shouldn't try these 5 backlinks providers——

Creepy (Push button) backlinks

These links come from blog commenting, article directories, blog directories, and web 2.0 sites. And these are always under Google radars. SERPs treat them as spam.

Anything from Fiver/Upwork

Getting a job is becoming difficult, but people need to survive. So they try to do anything.

It won't matter whether it is harmful to others or not. And the game start here.

Many Fiver gigs claim they will provide 50+ quality backlinks for $70 or even cheaper. Don't fall into those scams.

No doubt you will get what you pay for it. But those links are creepy. Google will penalize your websites for policy violations.

PBNs (Private Blog Networks)

PBNs are a group of private blogs. The motive behind the creation of these blogs is selling backlinks for money.

Google cracked down on PBNs
Google's cracked down on PBNs 

Before Google's panda and Hummingbird update released, this technique works very well (Until 2017). But it's no more helpful today. 

Google cracked down on it, and mentioned they are not valuing the PBNs links in its policy update.

Not only this, the Google team manually deindexes those sites linked with the PBNs. Yet many agencies sell garbage, although it violates Google's policy.

Paid guest posting

Guest posting considered as good SEO exercise but not paid.
Google updates on links exchangeing

In a recent update, Google strongly recommended not doing paid guest posting to get backlinks.

They mentioned if any sites are involved in links buying or exchanging, they will deindex those, as those violate their spam policy.

And most other SERPs also follow Google's policies.

PS: If no-follow or sponsored taged then no issue.

So why should you waste your money? 

Read the Google link building policy update 

Press release

In earlier days, Press releases worked but not now.

Press releases screenshot
Google ignores Press release 

Most of the links that come from the press release are no-follow. Even Google came and said they ignore press releases.

Last but not least...

Footer backlinks

In Jan 2023 update, Google said that do-follow template footer backlinks fall under the spam category. 

webmaster Algorithm updates
Search console update 

So please avoid this. Now time to discuss good things.

8 affordable link building services that still work

Organic Guest Posting Services

You can hire an individual freelancer or an agency to do guest posts on your behalf.

They might charge a flat $50 to $500 per guest post. Because this process involves a lot of hard work.

It includes finding a relevant niche, doing keyword research, pitching to the site owner, and writing to publish a post.

This is a time-consuming process and needs skills.

So, you can find many trustworthy guests post service providers on LinkedIn to achieve your goal.

HARO (Help a Reporter out)

HARO a website for reporters who are seeking trusted resources and information.

Reporters post their quarries to get answers from experts. Or even quotes.

Here you can help them as an expert to get a backlink. It's completely free of cost.

Just you have to register on their official site to get started. And you can also subscribe to their premium to get more quarries.

Plan started from free to $149/month.

Blogger outreach service provider

An individual or agency who promotes your content using manual link building and blogger outreach to achieve a specific goal.

They do all the hard work for you. It involves finding relevant websites, contacting the owner of the blog, building relationships with an industry influencer, and publishing posts on trusted high-DA websites.

Plan started from $20 to $500 for a single quality backlink. Or even higher, but you will get what you pay for it.

Read more about blogger out reach 

Content Marketing Agencies or freelancers

They won't directly help in your link building process. But they will create pillar content for you that earn organic backlinks.

Content marketing is the only best way to achieve quality links from high domain authority sites.

If you publish pillar content, others will link back to your site as a resource. It helps their readers for further information.

Many well-known freelancers charge $50 to $1000 for a single quality blog post. Or you can hire an agency, it will be cost-effective.

You don't need to pay per post, their plan comes with a monthly subscription.

SEO service provider/ Agency

It's one step forward than a content marketing agency.

Where a content marketing agency only writes killer content but an SEO agency will care about everything for you to rank a website on SERPs.

It includes keyword research, competitor analysis, content optimization, and link building process.

You just need to pay money and your site URL.

You can hire a freelancer for $500 to $2k per month.

Or if you have excess dollars, you can hire agencies that work with Fortune 500 companies... and pay $15k to $50k per month.

Infographic designers

A freelancer or an agency who designs infographics:

You can hire them to create attractive and helpful visual content that adds value to others.

These agencies also publish infographics on your behalf as copyright free images.

And usually, every blogger used copyright-free content on their site because it saves a lot of money and time. So they link back to the owner's site as a credit.

Hire a freelancer to do it for you. It's one of the best organic backlinks-building techniques. Even once you create, it will pay for your whole life.

PR Agency

Above I have mentioned not to fall in Press releases. But the scenario is different here. 

PR Agency creates newsworthy press releases that get featured on news sites. 

But they won't link to your site; news sites will link to you back. And google loves news sites.

The problem is with PR agencies, you can't be sure whether you will get quality links. It depends on the update that you are announcing.

Broken links finder and replacer

Many freelancers provide their expertise as broken link finders.

If you have skyscrapers content, you can hire a freelancer to find broken reference links on other websites and replace them with your URL.

Skyscrapers' content is such content that contains more quality than your competitor.

And this technique is very cost-effective, easy to get organic backlinks.

Or even you can do it on your own.

Semrush and uber-suggests are affordable tools and services. You can use these to make your link building process easy. 

In Conclusion

You got 8 affordable link building services that work and are worth to search.

Also, you knew what you should avoid and what to try.

Now let me know; both the good and bad experiences you faced throughout your link building process.

And if you enjoyed it, share it with your friends. Sharing is carrying ❤️.

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