Get free 1000 Instagram followers and likes with chatGPT

An average Instagram influencer earns Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000 in India, with a account size is 1k to 10k. 

And achieving this size isn't a big deal.

I will tell you how they achieved this with free Instagram followers and likes. You can easily reach this target if you follow this step by step guide.
Grow Instagram account organically

Here I have broken down all the steps so you can use them easily.

Optimize your Instagram profile

Choose an SEO-friendly user name

Your username should be matched with the brand name.

If you wish to sell Paper Craft, your ID should be like this "best_paper_craft" or "best.papercraft."

People search these types of keywords, so keep it simple and memorable.

Choose a clear and relatable profile picture

Your Instagram profile picture is your brand logo. It should talk about your services.

Use a proper square-sized image so that it is easily visible on mobile.

If you are an influencer, use your headshot photo.

Write a catchy bio

Grab the attention with your short bio.

Include focus words in your Instagram bio. 

A focus word is a single word or phrase people search on insta. 

Your bio could be "Best paper craft in Delhi | Decorate your wedding with our beautiful handmade paper craft | Eco-friendly"

If you are a freelance copywriter, your bio could be like this "Boost your sales with my best copywriting psychology | I write copy that converts into sales"

Include a CTA (Biolink)

Your goal isn't only to grow your Instagram account.

Here you are digging to sell your service or product. So you need to convert followers into customers. And a simple Biolink can do that.

Make a custom link with your brand name and keep it simple.

If the exact link isn't available, you can twist it like this: "https://biolink/papercrat" to "https://biolink/weddingpapercraft"

Make your account public

Private content doesn't appear on searches. Because it is limited to your followers. So to achieve the first 1000 followers and grow Instagram, you should make it public.

A public account appears on searches, so anyone can access and connect easily. (Remember the audience is customers.)

You have completed the first step to grow your business 

But you have to do a few more optimization to get free followers and likes, not paid ones.

Consistent quality content

"Consistency beats perfection/talents"

Post regularly. Your fans are your family members/ clients. They want to get new updates and information from you. You are unique to them.

Keep quality of content over quantity.

Instagram is the rest house for youths. They like valuable content that improves their knowledge and lifestyle. It's 2023, not 1993.

Make schedule Instagram posts in advance

Don't post your Munalisa portrait while people are sleeping. Your Monalisa will not reach your potential clients.

Don't post every hour or on random days.

Make a schedule for the upcoming post. This will keep updating your followers at the right time.

Usually, the right time for posting is 9AM to 2PM.
Look at data for detailed information. And choose the right time for you.
Right time for ig post
Source:Sprout Social 

The right time comes from experimentation. So try to post the first 10 posts at a specific time.
If that does not work well, try another day and time for another 10. By doing this, you will find the right time for you.

Write engaging captions 

Captions play a vital role in your Instagram success. Your audience also wants to know something from you besides the picture. 

And you can use engaging Instagram captions to make your post more engaging. You can ask a question, and it will encourage people to write an answer/comment.

Not only this, captions work as SEO. So the possibilities of appearance increase.

If you don't know how to write engaging captions, don't worry. 

Just create an account on ChatGPT, and type what you want to write. If you wish to get a caption for a food recipe, then type "best food recipe captions for Instagram" gpt3 will do the rest. 

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are the heart of Instagram posts. You can't expect organic growth without Hashtags. And relevant tags are crucial to reach more people on Insta.

Don't use 30 hashtags like "Prince of Pappa" or "Pappa ki pori girls" 😋. 

Use 4 to 5 most relevant and low competitive tags.
Lower competition tags help to grow a new Instagram account fast.

If you have 5 tags, keep 4 low competitive and one with a higher search volume.

Lower competition means 5k to 20k following.

You can easily find hashtags on Instagram by searching for your desired phrase or word. 

Only you have to add a # before your desired phrase.

PS: People follow #tags to be updated with new topics.

Engage with your existing followers

Engage with your followers by responding to their comments, direct messages, liking stories, and commenting on their posts.

You can also share their stories on your profile if it relates to you. 
It strengthens the bond between you and your fans. And strong relationship is essential for long-term success on social media.

Share user-generated content (UGC)


Share user-generated content to build community and encourage others to share and tag your account.

In simple words, share others' posts, reels, stories, and feedback on your profile. It encourages people to share your account further.

Often you have seen "pappa ki pories" play this game to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram 🤩.

Use Instagram stories

Use IG stories to showcase your brand and connect with your audience personally.

You can share behind the scene, product feedback, short updates, and a little personal lifestyle to keep up-to-date with your existing audience.

And usually, people re-share stories rather than posts.

Don't forget to use filters, stickers, and emojis to make your stories more attractive. And youths also like these cute things. 

Even if something is trending and hot, you can take advantage of it by twisting it and re-sharing it on your profile. Memes like "Binod", "Followers magoge to followers denge"

Make reels

No one likes to watch lengthy videos.

Videos are the most effective medium to promote your products and thoughts. People consume videos more than static content. Because it's easy to understand and also entertains the audience.

But why will people watch videos on Instagram rather than YouTube?

My friend, TikTok has changed people thinking, decreased attention span, and video formats.

That's why Instagram, YouTube, and all other social media launched short video features.

And after TikTok, Instagram is the best social media for entertainment purposes. 

As I mentioned, it is a rest house for youths. So here is the opportunity to grow your brand. Don't miss the opportunity. Do dance in chance.

Even IG reels perform 70% better than static posts. Because every social media are in racing mode. So, why will Meta lose its users? That's why Meta promotes short videos more.

PS: For long videos, you can use Instagram IGTV.

Collaborate with other influencers

Collaborate with other influencers in your niche to cross-promote each other's content to grow your IG account.

You can upload reels or post with collaboration. It will show on both your and your friend's profiles.

Go live

Fixed a date and time for Instagram live. You can go live every Sunday to target max audience.

Do live with collaboration with other influencers in your niche and cross-promote each other's knowledge.

That will be more beneficial for the audience and also for you.

It's the Gold mining for both. Because the audience will join from both sides.

Allow your followers to join live and share their stories as well.

This will motivate people to share their upcoming lives on their social profiles. And the actual game will start here.

Hey, you have almost done the basics to grow Instagram profile fast. But the main picture is yet to come. So keep patience.

Host Giveaways and Contests

Host monthly Giveaways and Contests to bring new followers. It works very well in a new Instagram account and also in an established one.

I hope you have noticed brands promoting their posts through Giveaways. You like, comment, follow, tag 3 to 5 friends, and share with a #tag. And finally, they will select 3 to 5 winners from the contest participants.

If they do this, why not you?

Use highlights

IG Stories become invisible after 24 hours. But you can keep it visible as IG highlights.

It makes the profile more attractive and easy to navigate.

Highlight your product updates, feedback, reviews, and more.

You can use related icons to present it more attractively.

Switch your profile from personal to professional

Data is the fuel of the internet. 
And only data can help you to plan your upcoming posts.

You can get all the information from the professional account to analyze what is working and what's not.

Let me help you switch your Instagram profile personal to a professional account. (You can skip this step if you know it).

➡️Go to your profile and hit Edit profile.

➡️Click Switch to professional account and continue.

➡️Select the category that best describes you, and done.

➡️Ok, and continue.

➡️Again Select the category that best suits you, either creator or business.

(Creator if you are an influencer. And business if you are selling something. It could be a product or service).

➡️Final Next.

You've done it. Congratulations.

We have arrived at the final step.

Track with insights

Instagram insights

As I mentioned, data is the future. Now you have a professional dashboard where you will get detailed insights.

From those data, you can identify what is working and what is not.

Read the data smartly and plan your next post according to the data.

I can guarantee you will get pretty good results. And if you apply all the steps, you can get free Instagram followers and likes. 

No one can resist you from getting the first 1000 followers organically on Instagram without following others.

In conclusion

  • Optimize your profile with an SEO-friendly user name and bio.
  • Include a CTA (Biolink) to convert followers into customers.
  • Post quality content with consistency.
  • Engage with your audience personally.
  • Use UGC (User-generated content).
  • Use the power of stories, reels, Live, and highlights.
  • Use Instagram insights.
Follow all the above tips and tricks to get free Instagram followers and likes.

Share this article on your social platform. It keeps us motivated to write such informative blogs.

And share your experiences in the comments section. I will give you ❤️ and reply.
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