Promote Your Website - Get 1000 Visitors Per Day On Blogger

Today's post is all about how to promote your new blogger website to get 1000 visitors per day 

Writing a blog post is easy, but optimizing it for the search engine is hard. And most critical part is ranking a new website on Google.

But if you know how to optimize a blog for search engines, you can easily rank it on Google and Bing.

As blogging is a lucrative business idea, many people create their first blog with lots of hope.

Money is far away, and they aren't getting views on their website. And they start searching for "how to get 1000 visitors per day on a new website", 


"how to rank my blog on Google," and so on.

Creating a blog isn't hard in 2023, but running a profitable blog is the main task. Even a headache for many new bloggers.

And when they don't get views, they get frustrated with lower traffic and lesser AdSense revenue than expected.

I have analyzed many blogger websites and found that these sites aren't getting their first 1000 visitors per day.

And even I have received many requests over Quora, telegram, and also on WhatsApp... 

"how to get traffic on my new blogger site,"

 "how to rank my old blogger website," 

"how to get 10000 blog traffic," and so on...

So if you are among them, don't worry. Here I will guide you to get 1000 unique visitors in a day on your blogger website for free.

And many others have already answered these questions on Quora and blogs but not in a simplified way.

Most of the bloggers are from nontechnical backgrounds. So they don't understand much about technical aspects and eventually give up.

So I decided to solve the first and most asked problem first. That is "how to get 1000 visitors on a new blogger website." And I think it is the first step for every blogger to make good money through AdSense.

Top 5 tips to get 1000 visitors per day on a blogger website

Promote your new blogger website to get 1000 visitors per day
Promote Your Website 

Create relevant content

Time is money. People don't like to waste their precious time on Itsy-bitsy things.

They search to solve their problems, not for entertainment always. So if you don't provide helpful content to your readers, they won't visit your site the next time. And ultimately, your domain authority will slow down.

Once google de-ranked your website, you will face more difficulty ranking it again. And you won't get new traffic to your site.

Learn how to write great content 

Brainstorm and research high-traffic keywords

Valuable content gets linked with other websites as a resource. People share on their social media profiles. And they pin on Pinterest and other sites.

But it won't matter if readers don't know your sites. So here comes keyword research.

If you don't know what exactly keyword research is, Keyword research is all about finding the most relevant phrases that got the most searches on Google.

When someone searches for anything on Google to get the answer. Google bot matches the phrases with lots of other relevant websites, and present the most relevant content based on keywords, and other technical factors. But ideal keywords play a crucial role in it.

We used Semrush for keyword research and website health analysis. Semrush is the best tool to do keyword research and competitor analysis.

Once you signup for it, you can subscribe to their free trial without paying a single dollar.

This tool also tells you who already ranked on a particular keyword, what other keywords they ranked, how many backlinks they have, and how much difficulty you will face ranking higher than your competitor.

A website doesn't ranks based on only one focus word. It ranks based on hundreds of keywords, or even it ranks on thousands of relevant keywords. So it is necessary to do healthy keyword research.

Write a headline to attract people to your article

A headline creates the first impression in the reader's mind. You can't expect high traffic if you don't sell people in your headline.

But if you know how to write a great headline, you already achieve one step to getting 1000 visitors in a day.

An engaging headline includes a focus keyword, what you are trying to sell, what content you are offering, and even how much time they will have to devote to get it.

And you will lose potential clients if you don't specific about what you are offering in your headline. 

An example of a good headline is: 5 tips to increase your AdSense earning within a month. 


11 simple steps to rank a new website on Google within a week.

I have mentioned how much time you will have to devote to get it and what I'm offering you.

Don't try to sell everything in a headline. Tell what you are offering and for which type of people.

Maybe your target audience is college-pursuing girls or working moms. So mention your target audience in your headline. It will help you to stand out in the crowd.

Create a top list of content around your keywords.

People don't like to read long posts. They enjoy reading short and skimmable content.

And top list articles get more views than others articles. It is because readers know exactly what they are getting.

I have seen articles like 

"10 most influential people in the world," 

" Top 20 Gaming YouTubers in India, " and 

" Top 10 Riches Instagram influencer in India" have got more views than other types of articles on the internet.

And it is because influencer shares that particular article on their social platform. And is also linked somewhere.

As you know, good backlinks and social shares mean higher domain authority. And higher domain authority means more traffic.

So next time, create a top-list article on your website and rank it with the following tips and tricks.

Make sure your blog post looks amazing and simple

Optimize readability and keep it skimmable.

Think of it this way, you have visited one of my long blog posts with 1500 words, no white space, no headline, and sub-headline. Will you read it? Unlikely, you wouldn't go to read it.

A good blog post should be simple to read, have enough white space, with good readability score and visual content.

We create our blog post in such a way that a grade 4 student can read and understand without an opening dictionary.

We use infographics and memes to get more social shares. And these things also entertain our readers.

People don't like to consume boring content, so always add an attractive picture to your article. Keep in mind your infographic should have to add value to your readers.

Here is an overview of how we present our blog post in infokaal

  • Title/ Main Headline ( H1 tag)I
  • Introduction
  • Feature image
  • Secondary headline ( H2 tag)
  • Headline ( H3 tag)
  • The bold and italic font in the body text
  • Infographic
  • Headline (H3/H4) tag, according to needs
  • Text
  • Images
  • And so on...
  • Finally, conclusion

Many times we use sub-headline to break up the article into smaller parts. It creates more white space and increases the readability score. And this practice helps us to rank higher on Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

You have written a blog post with a good keyword. But not getting expected visitors? You won't get the expected result Without search engine optimization. So now time to optimize that particular keyword for search engines.

Optimize your blog post around your focus keyword

A good article writes around one main keyword. And the rest of the relevant or LSI keywords are your secondary keywords.

Here are a few tips to optimize your blog post with one keyword to get 1000 visitors per day on a new website with a new domain.

  • Enough time to mention your focus word without doing keyword stuffing.
  • Keywords stuffing is adding one key phrase unwantedly that affects readability and irritates readers.
  • Include the main keyword in your main headline, meta description, and sub-headline.
  • Mention the focus word in the first paragraph.
  • Rename images with your keyword name.
  • Use focus keywords in images as attributes, titles, and alt tags.
  • Include focus words in internal and external links.

And if you are using WordPress CMS, you can do this with Yoast SEO. It is a free-to-use plugin, so you can install it on your WordPress site. Yoast SEO is very helpful for ranking a new WordPress site on google.

Optimize your blog for search engines

It does not matter how well a post you have written if your website isn't optimized for search engines.

Google likes to serve trustworthy, value-able, spam-free, and secure sites.

And you can achieve this by following the below steps...

  • Use HTTPS in your blog URL.
  • Create a contact us page with your email id. Show your phone number as well (if possible).
  • Add a sitemap to your website.
  • Improve your page loading speed.
  • Always fix broken links.
  • Make sure you have not used duplicate content on your site.
  • Always use copyright-free images.

If you follow these steps and write quality content, you can easily get 1000 traffic to your blogger website.

Market your blog post effectively

Promote your new blogger website to get 1000 visitors per day
Promote on social media 

You want to get more views and earn a lot of money. But without proper marketing, you can't achieve your goal, even if you have written a great article. You have to market it.

And you can do this by writing a guest post on other websites.

Write your niche-relevant content for others and give a reference to your website for more content.

It will help you get more traffic and create trust. And also, you will get more organic backlinks.

Market your blog post on Quora

Quora is a Question Answers social site. People come to this site to ask questions and get the exact answer. And here is the opportunity to promote your content for free.

Go to Quora, find relevant questions, and answers them with your best knowledge.

Try to keep your answer around your niche.

After a few answers, link your blog post as a reference. This way, you can get more views on your website for free.

Ask your friends to comment on your post

Even if your post isn't solving your friends' problems, it will help you.

When first-time, a visitor reads your post, he has no idea what comment on it. If he sees others' comments, it will inspire him to write a comment.

Comment creates engagement in a post, and the most engaging post gets a higher rank on Google. Because Google loves valuable and trusted content.

Make your post easily shareable and show the number of shares

People like to share great content on their social platforms. But sometimes they avoid doing this because of hard to find the share button.

More share means more traffic. Other people will trust your site if you show how many shares got from your post. It will also inspire them to share again.

Share your post on different social media

Social media has so much potential to make your post viral.

Share your post on different social platforms to make it available for everyone. Social media like Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

And once it is shared by many people, people will start sharing it blindly.

Ask people to subscribe to your newsletter

You have achieved 1000 traffic or more visitors. But you will lose them if you don't keep them.

Creating an email list is the best practice to o get reoccurring visitors to a website.

You can collect an email list by providing freebies like eBooks and weekly newsletters.

Once you have collected an email list, you can send product updates and the latest posts direct to their inbox. This way, you can keep visitors to your website for a long time.


I hope you have read the first to last of "How to get 1000 visitors per day on a new blogger website."

And you have learned how to rank a website on Google with search engine optimization and through social media promotion.

You have also learned how to create unique backlinks through guest posting on other websites. And how to use Quora to get traffic to the website for free.

So now time to apply all the tips and tricks to rank your new blogger website on Google.

Thanks for reading this article. If you got it helpful, please comment and share it on your social media profile. And also let me know on which topic I should write next article.

Sharing is carrying ❤️ 

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